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Tips for buying a cordless drill

What should you pay attention to when buying a cordless drill? These tips will help you make the best choice for your purpose.

The price

We looked around and found cordless drills for less than 50 euros. For those who rarely use their machine or only for screwing or drilling in soft materials, such a hobby drill is sufficient. If you want more power, more possibilities and more durability, you will soon end up with professional brands. For prices starting above 100 euros, you have a wide choice of machines from brands such as DeWalt, Makita, Metabo, Milwaukee and others.

Tip: Opt for professional quality, but pay less. All providers have regular offers, so look around before you decide. Often, you can save tens of euros on a good, professional machine.

What are you planning to buy the drill for — day-to-day tasks or heavy jobs?

Ryobi cordless drill

You don’t need a high-performance machine for screw-driving and drilling in soft materials — 450 – 600 Watts is more than enough for most jobs, and a 1.5 Ah battery (Amps per hour) provides long enough power to complete those jobs in one go. The torque, expressed in Newton-meters (Nm), determines the power of the machine. The higher the torque, the heavier the work it can handle. You will probably not need more than 54 Nm.

A compact model such as this RYOBI is a good choice. But such a standard cordless drill is not powerful enough to drill in concrete or hard stone. For such tasks, you need a cordless drill with an impact function. The prices are a bit higher, but you become immediately more versatile in the jobs you tackle.

Batteries and accessories

Also, make a habit of comparing what’s included in the purchase. Some machines are delivered without a battery, others even with two batteries, so that you can continue working while the empty battery is charging. You can find ‘bare’ drills and machines in a professional case, whether or not including a set of drills.

Brand preference

Dewalt cordless tool kit.

Do you have other battery tools of a certain brand, and are you satisfied with them? Then the best advice is: stick to this brand. Professional cordless drills are hardly inferior to each other in reliability and usability. Moreover, in many cases, the battery is interchangeable with different tools of the same brand, which provides extra savings and convenience.

Professional tool brands all have one or more battery platforms. That means that tools with the same voltage run on the same battery. So you only need one battery and one charger for all your machines of that brand.