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Three jigsaws compared, from cheap to expensive

With its narrow saw blade, a jigsaw is suitable for sawing-free shapes. There are jobs you can’t do with any other saw. As it is such a specialized tool, a jigsaw belongs in every DIY enthusiast’s toolbox. But which jigsaw is the best choice? Our jigsaws vary in terms of power, price and professional extras. Here we look at three different jigsaws from our range, a basic model, a middle class and a professional top saw. What are the differences, and which one should you purchase?


For 60 euros, this entry-level model offers functions such as a flat saw frame, line assist and dust collection — ensuring a good view and an accurate result when sawing. The 500W motor with 0-3,000rpm enables a cutting depth of 72mm in wood and 6mm in steel. This machine will do the trick, especially for do-it-yourselfers who only take their jigsaw out of their toolbox a few times a year for low-demand jobs.


We chose this model from Metabo from the extensive range of middle-class jigsaws. The Metabo Steb 100 Quick jigsaw offers users a cutting depth of 100 mm in wood and 10 mm in steel. Functions such as a variable number of strokes, pendulum stroke and deep-lying, spring-assisted saw blade guide enable extremely precise sawing adapted to the material. A transparent protective cover protects against flying chips. This universal jigsaw is suitable for both professionals and demanding do-it-yourselfers.

Festool PSC 420 HPC

A popular example from the top-class range is Festool’s cordless jigsaw — the PSC 420 HPC 4.0. It is sold as a complete set and includes a battery pack, quick charger, two saw blades and an accessory systainer. The cutting depth is 120 mm in wood, 20 mm in non-metal and 10 mm in steel. For the hefty price tag, you get functions and extras such as a torsion-resistant pendulum rod, triple saw blade guide, LED lighting and super strong automatic dust extraction. The ergonomic design and the soft grip ensure extremely comfortable and precise operation.


Klium only sells tools from professional brands. This means that you always benefit from the same good warranty conditions, whether you opt for a top-class model or the cheapest one. In addition to the legal warranty period of two years, all these brands provide a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. And if you purchase at Klium, an additional two-year Klium warranty is added. This way, you are assured of free repair or replacement for defects that arise during normal use for five years.

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