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Three-angle grinders in three different price ranges compared

You won’t find an angle grinder in every DIY enthusiast’s toolbox, but it is, undoubtedly, a very useful and versatile machine. An angle grinder is perfect for cutting metal plates and pipes and rebar. And with the right grinding wheel, it is also suitable for stone and wood materials. In addition to grinding, you can deburr, remove rust, sand, clean and polish with an angle grinder, and easily change the disc for various activities.

Which angle grinder is the best choice for your purpose? Below is a list of three angle grinders: a basic model, a middle class, and a top machine from our range.

ryobi RAG600

For less than 50 euros, this Ryobi angle grinder is a good choice for occasional use. The 600 W motor delivers an idle speed of 13,000 rpm. The machine comes with a 115 mm grinding wheel, but don’t expect any extras.

metabo WE 2200-230

This mains-power model from Metabo is definitely a step higher on the ladder and is considered a good universal machine for both do-it-yourselfers and professionals. It includes extras such as a protective cover, support flange, clamping nut, extra handle and pin wrench. The robust motor has a power of 1,520 W and delivers an idle speed of 6,600 rpm. The three-position adjustable handle and the Metabo safety switch increase comfort and safety during use.

festool AGC 18-125 5.2 EBI-PLUS

This professional cordless grinder has a brushless maintenance-free motor and a lot of built-in electronics. The speed is infinitely variable from 4,500 to 8,500 rpm for perfect adaptation to any type of material. The Festool AGC has a 125 mm grinding wheel and is supplied with two battery packs, a quick charger, and other extras. This machine is suitable for effortlessly cutting through the hardest materials. With electronic overload protection, restart protection, digital temperature monitoring and a motor brake, it also offers the most advanced safety features. You can find more about this grinder in this blog article.

Which grinding wheels do you need?

Choosing a suitable grinding wheel depends on the material you work on. The most commonly used:

  • Cutting disc for cutting metal
  • Grinding disc to remove burrs in metal
  • Diamond disc for stone and ceramic tiles
  • Flap disc for polishing
  • Wire cup brush for cleaning metal
  • Disk brush to remove paint and varnish on metal

The discs of different brands are usually interchangeable. The two dimensions that matter are the diameter of the disc and the arbor hole. If a disc does not fit on the machine’s shaft, you can solve this with an adapter or reduction ring.

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