Which type of screwdriver should you use for which task?

A screwdriver is a type of tool that you probably use more than any other tool. However, there are so many types of screwdrivers that sometimes it’s hard to know the difference. What kind of screwdriver do you need for which job?

A screwdriver is a type of tool used to manually or electrically tighten and loosen screws. However, there are so many types of screwdrivers that sometimes it’s hard to know the difference. What kind of screwdriver do you need for which job?

Slotted screwdriver or flat head screwdriver

The slotted screwdriver, flathead, or flat screwdriver is the classic screwdriver. As the name suggests, this screwdriver has a flat head. Slotted screwdrivers are used less and less these days because a Phillips screwdriver, combined with a Phillips screw, has much more grip than the flat head screwdriver.

flat head screwdriver

Phillips screwdriver

The Phillips screwdriver is used for driving in and out of screws with an X-shaped groove in the head. There are two types of Phillips screwdrivers, the PH Phillips screwdriver, and the PZ Phillips screwdriver. Both these types of screwdrivers look similar, but there is a slight difference between the two. With the PZ Phillips screwdriver or Pozidrive screwdriver, there is an extra cross in it so that you can exert even more grip on the screw.

The PH Phillips screwdriver is called a Philips screwdriver because Philips invented this type of screwdriver and has a patent on it. The PH screwdriver has four sizes: PH0 to PH3. The PH2 screwdriver is most commonly used compared to the other types of screwdrivers.

Phillips screwdriver

Hex screwdriver

The third type of screwdriver is the hex screwdriver. A hexagon screwdriver is suitable for screws with an outer or inner hexagon. A hexagon screwdriver is also sometimes known as an Allen screwdriver when referring to a hey key. A hex screwdriver is available in different sizes used with different screw sizes. The dimensions of a hex screwdriver are indicated in millimeters or inches.

hex screwdriver

Torx screwdriver

A Torx screwdriver or TX screwdriver has a head with a six-pointed star. This type of screw dates from 1967. The Torx screwdriver is an alternative to the Phillips screwdriver, and it is used for driving in and out of torx screws and torx bolts. This head type has the advantage of the power transmission between the screwdriver and the screw being better, and the chances that the tool will slip out of the head are lower.

Torx screwdriver

Voltage detector screwdriver

A voltage detector screwdriver is a special screwdriver with which you can detect electrical voltage. Therefore, a voltage tester has a very different function than the other types of screwdrivers in this list. You can use a voltage detector screwdriver to measure whether there is a voltage at a certain point and as a normal screwdriver. The head of a voltage tester is the same as the slotted screwdriver. When there is still voltage to be measured, the built-in light of the screwdriver lights up.

voltage detector screwdriver

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