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Ruitech Solutions doesn’t shy away from any audiovisual challenge

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‘We assist our clients in offering their customers the best audiovisual solution,’ summarises Eelse de Ruiter on the day-to-day work of Ruitech Solutions. These clients are AV and ICT companies throughout Europe, who choose Ruitech Solutions as a partner due to their unique expertise in sound, imaging, and videoconferencing and their complete service. ‘And also because we are not a competitor,’ adds Eelse de Ruiter. ‘Together with our partners, we work on the best AV solutions for end users.’ These solutions find their place in companies and organizations, but also in schools, in the retail sector, and at trade fairs and events. ‘Even as far as Dubai,’ says Eelse de Ruiter, not without pride.

Literally everything in the field of AV

Having started in 2016, Ruitech Solutions now works with 10 specialists in their team. Thanks to collaborations with various partners, the possibilities are endless. Ruitech Solutions delivers new audiovisual installations and upgrades existing ones to a higher level, with a wide range of products, including projectors, displays and touchscreens, digital blackboards, video walls, control systems, and sound systems.

Taking care of partners

Ruitech technician at work

With a great deal of enthusiasm and commitment, Ruitech Solutions helps its partners exceed their customers’ expectations. ‘As a service-oriented company, we stay involved from start to finish,’ says Eelse de Ruiter. ‘From advising on the best products to the installation at the end user’s location. We sometimes joke: when we set off, we have the complete toolset of a carpenter, a plumber, and an electrician in our van.’ He himself still enjoys getting his hands dirty on site.

Complex LED installations


When asked about the most challenging projects, Eelse de Ruiter mentions LED videowall installations. A LED-wall is a combination of cabinets fitted with LED panels that together form a large image. These LED-walls can be made infinitely large. Recently, Ruitech created a LED-wall installation measuring 12.5 x 4 meters. It’s truly an impressive display to behold. Complex LED & Videowall installations have evolved into a specialism that Ruitech Solutions offers both under its own name and on behalf of various LED manufacturers.

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