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RTS: an independent integrator of professional camera surveillance

The Belgian company RTS from Ieper profiles itself as a specialist in camera surveillance, access control, radio links & radio communication. Discover the development from a one-man business to an independent integrator of professional camera surveillance.

In conversation with Eva Bouve of RTS, she proudly says the following about their development: “RTS from Ieper, founded in 1991, has grown into a high-tech company. Ronald Supply started the one-man business RTS in Westouter, specializing in the repair of radio and television and the sale of electronics. Besides his job, he remained passionately busy with antennas and transmitting equipment. Eventually, he sold his first wireless links in the Westhoek and provided radio communications for the local police commissaries.”

An impressive development

The RTS team

RTS has gone through an impressive development since. In 1997, RTS expanded and moved the store to Ieper. Among the specializations came installations and repairs of radio communications, electronic equipment and paging systems for the fire department, followed by radio links, Argus cameras, exceptionally specialized assignments in the context of wireless communication and finally — the digital cameras.

Today, RTS has 17 employees and is always looking for motivated technicians for further growth. Each team member specializes in their field: from manager to technical installer, everyone is up to date with the latest technologies.

Always looking for the best solution

A mobile box of RTS

Technology in the field of Video Management Software went through a huge evolution in recent years. Many police zones and cities are using software with the implementation of AI and ANPR cameras. RTS continues to develop constantly and, together with the customer, is always looking for the best solution in terms of radio links, camera surveillance, ANPR solutions, radio communication, professional access control, sound analysis, video transmission, Wi-Fi and industrial intercoms.

Characteristically, RTS strives for a sustainable long-term relationship with the customer. For example, RTS has been a supplier of cameras and intercoms in the underground car parks of the city of Ghent for over 15 years. The innovative VMS system and ANPR cameras provide assistance to customers in the parking lots and are particularly user-friendly for the company’s employees. Communication is fast and to the point. RTS targets industry, police forces, cities and municipalities, defence, utility companies, SMEs and healthcare institutions with their products.

No question is avoided

No question is avoided. If a possibility is unavailable on the market, RTS takes it upon themselves to create it with innovative products. For example, RTS developed an access control and sound detection system linked to camera surveillance for a large industrial customer. For them, refrigerated lorries were often left running at night, causing nuisances in the neighborhood. With the integration of RTS’s system, the night officers could now be notified and quickly locate where the truck was through camera images and politely request the driver to move.

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