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RDS Weighing & Safety specializes in security

The history of RDS Weighing & Safety goes back to 1987. Under the name RDS Electronics, the young company started to distribute electronic equipment from Great Britain in the Benelux. The company grew with the expansion of the product range. Today, a team of 29 people works on solutions for customers from a variety of industries. Their recent name change to RDS Weighing & Safety makes it clear exactly what the company has to offer.

In addition to the extensive range of products and total solutions, manager Jurgen Gheeraert emphasizes the way of working is equally responsible for the success of his company: ‘We are always committed to providing a good, general service. This is the foundation of long-term customer satisfaction.”

Complete safety systems

RDS 4G video streamerOwn weighing software

With products such as anemometers, beacon lighting for tower cranes, anti-collision systems and safety accessories, RDS Weighing & Safety ensures a safe working environment in construction, the port, transport and other sectors. For optimal control of all safety aspects, the company uses the most advanced technology available on the market. A good example is the new RDS 4G video streamer with a PTZ camera, a professional wireless multimedia streamer that transmits live HD video channels over mobile networks. Using the accompanying software, you can keep an eye on the construction site from any location. The built-in PTZ camera has an optical zoom that allows for more accurate viewing of objects from a distance, and all images can be saved to USB. This solution from RDS Weighing & Safety is suitable for a temporary solution and on a permanent location.

Own weighing software

manager RDS in front of company car

In addition to safety solutions, weighing systems are the company’s second specialty. RDS Weighing & Safety offers an extensive range of onboard weighing systems and weighbridges. RDS keeps the manufacture of the weighbridges and the software both under its own management. In addition to standard solutions, the in-house ‘Kiloweb software offers optional modules that allow customization for all specific weighing applications.

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