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MRW – The specialist in porch construction

MRW builds porches. But that’s not all they do! They also produce and fabricate patio covers, roller shutters, sun blinds, and flyscreens. They are known for using aluminium as their base product. “Why we’ve used aluminium for the last 50 years? Because aluminium is a sound and utterly reliable material,” says Sarah Rubens, spokesperson of MRW. “It is a solid and durable material that requires very little maintenance”.

Three generations strong

Porch construction with MRW

The family business has been around for almost 70 years and spans three generations. Hubert Renckens founded MRW in 1957 in the parental home in Wijchmaal. At that time, the business mainly focused on metal works. In 1967, the company moved to a new building in Peer. From 1979 onwards, a preference for porch construction arose. Rudi, Hubert’s son, became manager. Under his rule, over time, the old workshop was completely replaced by a modern production hall double the size. The third generation, Sander, has been actively involved since 2006. He became manager in 2018.

Customised quality

Detailed finish

Porches are not the only highlight at MRW. The company has developed several other products over the years that have proven to be very popular. Think about superior patio covers where the wooden ceiling has been replaced by sustainable composite. Or roller shutters that work on solar energy. Sun blinds and fly screens are also available. And only the highest quality will do. “We still always strive to deliver a solid, sustainable, and honest product to our customers. Moreover, every customer receives equal treatment from us, regardless of the size of the project. MRW Verandabouw is a very customer-oriented company, and our customers appreciate that. We always deliver quality and at a fair price. This is a great basis for a steadfast company that becomes stronger year after year.”

Everything in one place

Patio Cover

MRW is a ‘one-stop shop’. From permit application finishing touches like floors, walls, and curtains, everything is custom-made and according to customer preference. You cannot just simply build a porch or patio cover. It requires a lot of thinking and precision. It adds value to your home and is often an extension of the living space you can enjoy all year round. “That is precisely why we design together with the customer,” said Sarah. “This is specialist work. We see it as a huge asset that MRW produces everything itself, in-house. Moreover, there is only one point of contact who goes through the entire process together with the customer. This simplifies the communication. The customer can always monitor progress in our spacious and modern workshop.”

Continued innovation

Solar-operated roller shutters

When building a porch, continuous innovation is crucial. This is the top priority for MRW, and it is what makes it possible to implement new products and trends. Sarah: “Today’s porches are not the same ones you saw 20 years ago. We at MRW understand this. Based on our passion for innovation, we allowed our products to evolve with the expectations of today’s people.”

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