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Makita LS telescopic double miter saws: user experiences

The Makita LS series of telescopic double miter saws includes different models with and without undercarriage. All these models are in high demand at Klium. To help our customers consider purchasing a Makita LS miter saw, we surveyed a large number of users. We asked, among other things, why they chose this model in particular and whether they also considered machines from other brands before purchasing.

Here, both professional and private users give their opinion. Their experiences are mostly very positive, although there are also critical comments.

Makita LS1018LN

The entry-level model of the Makita LS series is popular, especially among do-it-yourselfers. Not surprisingly, the price is the main reason to choose this version. Many people mentioned that they considered Festool and Bosch as alternatives.

Our key question was: ‘Can you give your opinion in a few sentences? What do you like about this machine, what are any areas for improvement?” Here are the answers we got.

  • Jan: ‘The adjustment options are very good, and once set, it is a stable machine’.
  • Marc: ‘Sturdy, stroke length, flexibility. One point for improvement: stronger laser light. This is hardly visible when used outdoors.’
  • Boudewijn Perneel: ‘It is a very comfortable and strong sawing machine, and the noise level is reasonably low. The machine is smooth to use.”

Professional users were more critical of the Makita LS1018LN’s performance.

  • Moreno-Services: “Works well, but I had to send the first one back immediately because the tension bearings were broken.”
  • Bois de Bram: ‘Not exact, never at right angles, the saw wobbles a bit, so the saw cut is visible and not flat.’ This artisan furniture maker has considered the Festool Kapex as an alternative.

Experiences with the Makita LS1019L telescopic double miter saw 260 MM 1510W + base

Makita LS1019L
  • Personal Training: ‘Very easy to use, the weight of the machine remains an area for improvement.’ This customer also thought of Festool and cites the large sawing range as to why they chose this Makita model.
  • Professional user Henk chose the Makita LS1019L because of the balance between compactness and cutting capacity. His experience: ‘The machine works very precisely and is very solidly built. The guidance is stable and smooth. The miter options are ample, and the saw is powerful enough for heavy work. The only drawback is that the machine is a bit large and heavy to take on location. I expect the machine to last a very long time.”
  • Another professional, Mario Van Laer, chose this saw after comparing it with a Festool model. His verdict: ‘Can be placed close to the wall, stable and fast saw stop after releasing the button.’
  • For private user Dennis, the guiding system was the decisive factor in choosing this machine. His verdict: “Super machine. Heavy, but that’s what you choose.’
  • ALU CANVAS chose Makita because of its reputation and after-sales service, and this model because of the price, soft start and adjustable laser line. This customer’s experience was not entirely positive. “The saw’s guide fence wasn’t perfectly aligned. This caused a lot of time loss and poor production. After communicating with Klium and Makita, we have received a new, correctly aligned conductor. Sawing has improved a lot since then.”
  • Professional user Dirk Begeyn calls the Makita LS1019L a handy and solid machine and only thinks the undercarriage is a bit heavy.

Experiences with the Makita LS1219L Telescopic double miter saw 305MM 1800W + base

Makita LS1219L
  • Private user Patrick Demeulenaere chose this model because of the large blade and the fixed guide depth. He has also thought of Metabo and Bosch machines. His experience: “The accuracy of this machine is extraordinary; you can make cuts of 1 mm. No flaws to report.”
  • Contractor AMB preferred Makita to Festool and DeWalt, citing the capabilities of the machine and the large saw blade as reasons for choosing this model. Final verdict: ‘This is an all-rounder for the do-it-yourselfer, but also certainly for the professional market.’
  • Stand builder Kicken Design opted for the largest capacity and considered Festool as an alternative. Verdict: “A solid machine with a good price/quality ratio.”
  • Private user Patrick Casteleyn cites the large saw blade as the reason for his choice. He didn’t look at other brands, because: ‘everything is Makita here.’ His experience with the LS1219L: ‘Very good machine and very accurate, no play at all.’
  • For private user Luc Hoeyberghs, the large diameter of the saw blade was a determining factor in the purchase. Unlike other users, he wasn’t thrilled with the machine’s accuracy: “There is play on the spacers left and right, so the length isn’t always 100 per cent the same.”
  • “I knew I had to start sawing thick beams,’ says private user Egbert Mulder as the reason for his choice. “At first, I thought it was exaggerated to buy such a professional machine as a hobbyist. I had a crosscut saw with a 160mm blade. Now I’m happy to have a bigger machine. To switch on my own old vacuum cleaner, I made a master/slave socket. That was the only thing I missed.”
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