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Make the Most of Your Front Garden

A well-maintained front garden enhances both your home and the street. Even with just a few square meters at your disposal, you can create a beautiful front garden that matches the style of your house.

Choose a Style

Whether sleek and functional or wild and natural, subdued or colorful — and even in a small area, you can stamp your own style. However, be aware that not every style suits every house. A sleek modern front garden might not be the best choice for an old property. Some houses suit a formal garden, while others may call for a more untamed cottage garden.

Select the Right Plants

Whatever style you choose for your front garden, the best foundation is made up of evergreen shrubs and perennial plants. You can endlessly vary with different colors, sizes, and leaf shapes. Complement these with colourful seasonal plants, such as flowering bulbs or fragrant herbs, to keep your front garden interesting all year round.

When selecting plants, consider more than just appearance. Plants that are unsuitable for the soil conditions will never thrive. Therefore, choose plants that suit the soil type and ensure proper fertilization if the soil naturally lacks nutrients. Also, consider the light conditions. How many hours of sunlight does your front garden get? This will largely determine your choice of plants. For instance, avoid sun-loving plants like sunflowers in a shady front garden, and on the other hand, don’t place shade-loving plants in full sun.

Consider Maintenance

front garden

Many people prefer a low-maintenance front garden. This doesn’t mean you should pave the entire area. A guideline for designing a front garden is that there should be a good balance between greenery and paving. So, intersperse paving with plenty of plants. Flower pots are easy to maintain and add color. Most types of hedges also require little upkeep. Grass, on the other hand, is generally challenging to maintain. Opt for ornamental grasses instead, which look stylish and require little attention. Regarding paving, the smaller the stones, the more maintenance they require due to weeds growing between the joints. Large patio slabs require the least maintenance.

Think About Lighting

Lighting is a must in the front garden. You don’t want to come home to a dark street where you have to fumble for the keyhole in your front door. Beautiful garden lighting also allows you to highlight certain elements of the garden design. Equally important, lighting is a form of burglary prevention. Consider installing a ‘scare light’ that operates on a detector and turns on when it detects movement around the house.

Garden Furniture for the Front Garden

bench in front garden

While you might typically think of the backyard for outdoor seating, a bench in your front garden might be a nice spot to enjoy your morning coffee and watch the comings and goings on the street.

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