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Log Homes realizes dreams in wood

The village of Tielen is located in the Kempen, one of Belgium’s most wooded regions — a suitable location for Log Homes, a construction company where everything revolves around wood.

‘Wood breathes, wood stays, wood lives…’ The Log Homes website lists the benefits of wood as a building material. But what really catches the eye is the aesthetic side: the beautiful constructions that Log Homes has realized for clients over the past 25 years.

Customization in every style

wooden outbuilding

“Any aesthetic style can be achieved, from English Country to Long Island to Cubic Modern,” Log Homes says. Every project is custom made by the designers and builders at Log Homes, and every construction is unique, whether it’s a wooden house or a simple pergola.

Environmentally friendly in several ways

wooden carport

Wood is an eco-friendly building material. If harvested and managed wisely, this resource renews itself. In addition, wood has several properties that contribute to sustainable building and living. Wood is a perfect insulator for heat and sound. Thanks to its porous structure, wood cools down less at low temperatures than other building materials. This can make a significant difference in the energy used for heating. Conversely, wooden facades keep the house pleasantly cool at extremely high temperatures.


‘The wood of the future’ is how Log Homes describe a special material that the company likes to use when building homes. Within this laminated wood, the material contains large numbers of air gaps, which ensure that the insulation value is an additional 29% higher than standard laminated wood. Therefore, extra insulation materials are not necessary unlike with traditional building materials. The air gaps also make Thermolog a light material that is easier and faster to assemble than standard laminated wood.

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