Lensen Transport, an innovative family business

Lensen Transport trucks, decorated with camouflage patterns, are a striking sight on European roads. Lensen offers its customers a wide range of transport options. The focus is on groupage transport to and from Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany.

Traditional values

Lensen Transport truck for church

As a family business, Lensen Transport promotes traditional values ​​such as care and respect directed towards its customers and its own organization. The ideal working atmosphere and a high level of involvement of the employees partly determine the company’s success. These traditional values ​​are combined at Lensen Transport with striking innovativeness in finding solutions for the transport questions of clients.


Lensen mechanic at work

With a versatile fleet, advanced IT technology and a distinctly customer-oriented vision, Lensen Transport offers its customers a logistics service perfectly tailored to individual wishes. But customization goes a step further for the company. The process starts in the workshop where Lensen mechanics continuously work on developments to enhance the quality of logistics services. For example, a 20-foot container was recently converted into a full-fledged spray booth that can spray parts after damage. As a result, the downtime in the event of a repair is limited, and the flexibility in deployment time is increased.


Not surprisingly for a family business with traditional values, social involvement is also part of the corporate culture. Lensen Transport has a young fleet with only the latest and the most environmentally friendly motorization. The pursuit of 100% CO2 neutrality is a key theme for the near future.

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