Kosinus Elektrotechniek: the people make the difference

At Klium, not only do we love tools, but we also find it interesting to see how people utilize our tools in everyday life.

In 2010, Koos de Jong took a leap of faith and switched from paid employment to entrepreneurship. It was considered quite a gamble during the economic crisis, but one that worked out well. Over the past decade, Kosinus Elektrotechniek has grown from a one-man operation to an installation company with about twenty employees and a vast order portfolio — underlining the versatility of this young Dutch company.

Experts in solar panel installation

From the business premises in Stolwijk, Zuid-Holland, various installation projects are managed in residential and utility construction daily. One of the specialities of Kosinus Elektrotechniek is the installation of solar panels —an intriguing growth market due to the climate objectives that the EC countries have agreed upon among themselves.

solar panels

A unique contribution of Kosinus Elektrotechniek is the innovative solar panel systems for site trailers. Since these systems can be laid flat electrically, they do not need to be removed for transport. This laying down also happens automatically as a precaution above wind force 6, making it very convenient for construction workers, especially.

Providing electrical installations at Hyde Park in Hoofddorp

presentation sketch Hyde Park Hoofddorp

One of Kosinus Elektrotechniek’s most striking projects is Hyde Park in Hoofddorp. Under the smoke of Amsterdam, a new city district is emerging here with approximately 3,800 homes in a park-like environment. In the first phase, Kosinus Elektrotechniek will provide the electrical installations for 233 luxurious apartments.

People work

Conversations with Koos de Jong never focus on technology for long, and he quickly shifts the attention to his people. He attributes the success of his company to his hard-working employees and the ideal atmosphere within the team.

“We are a pleasant company with a closely-knit team and an above-average commitment. This is reflected in the price and quality of our services.”

As a recognized training company, Kosinus Elektrotechniek trains future professionals and conducts frequent school visits which help garner interest and enthusiasm in the youth about pursuing careers in installation technology. In this endeavor, Koos de Jong does not limit himself to only the Netherlands. For several years, he has collaborated with Sterk voor werk in Ethiopië. Together with vocational schools, they offer training courses that suit the contemporary labor market, extending the youth a chance to acquire essential technical skills. In addition to this, Kosinus Elektrotechniek also emphasizes crucial life skills and aims to equip the less fortunate ones with ways of creating a better quality of life and achieving financial stability.

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