INTECH not only combines ‘interior’ and ‘technology’ in its name but in its solutions too.

In search of the beautiful things that clients make with our tools, we visited a passionate professional.

When plumber Robert Onzia from Zoersel in the Belgian province of Antwerp decided to start working for himself, he christened his company INTECH — a combination of Interior and Technology. A well-chosen name, Robert delivers custom work in which design and technical installation go together for creative and functional total solutions.


We visited Robert Onzia in his workshop in Zoersel and asked him what makes his company different from others. “We offer a total package so that the customer does not have to look for different contractors to realize a project,” is Roberts answer. But this is only one reason for the well-filled order portfolio. The photos show that the creative interpretation of the projects also plays a significant role. As stated on the INTECH website: “INTECH renews dozens of bathrooms every year. Plumbing, fittings, electricity and the tiles will be completely renewed. All possible styles of finish are possible: from industrial Loft-Style to ultra-sleek or minimalist.”

washbasins with mirrors

Special projects

In addition to total bathroom renovation, INTECH also specializes in general plumbing and work such as the renovation of old heating installations and the installation of new, energy-efficient central heating systems, complete with radiators. The most notable projects include the complete conversion of an old loft into a luxurious home and of ordinary bathrooms into private saunas and wellness areas. “We tailor-make what the customer wants or asks,” is Robert Onzia’s motto.

sanitary installation

When asked if he has any advice for other self-employed professionals, he answers with a conviction that comes from thirty years of experience. “Deliver quality and solid work. What is expensive is quickly forgotten, and what is cheap and poorly made will always give negative feedback.”

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