How do you hang a door?

Fitting a new door yourself is not that difficult, but it is a precise job. If you work according to this step-by-step plan, you are sure of a good end result.

You’ll need these tools

  • Tape measure
  • Carpenter pencil
  • Stitch chisel
  • Screw drill
  • Hammer
  • Wedge
  • Planer

Rebated door or flush-mounted door?

If you buy a new door for an existing door frame, it is important to know for which door type the frame is intended. A rebated door completely falls away in the frame. A flush-mounted door closes partly in the frame and partly on the frame edge. When you place a door in a newly constructed partition wall, you buy the door with the matching frame and you are always in the right place. Most new interior doors are flush-mounted doors, while you always choose a rebated door for an exterior door.

Hanging a door in 10 steps

  1. Measure the frame rebate on the inside, the part where the door enters. Do this in three places; at the top, in the middle and at the bottom of the frame. For the height, you measure both the right and the left side. It’s ideal if you find a door that fits exactly, but in practice, you will have to polish it a little here and there.
  2. Determine the direction of rotation of the door. Stand on the side where you pull the door towards you. If the hinges come on the right-hand side, the door will turn right. If they come on the left, the door will turn to the left.
  3. Determine the size of the door to know how much you should scrape on the different sides. The door must be approx. 6 mm narrower than the frame size and the same amount of space must remain between the door and the sill.
  4. Now plane the door to size. Work controlled, with a razor-sharp planer. Scrape the closing side a bit diagonally inwards. This ensures that the door will close properly without wringing. After planing, sand the edges smooth with fine-grained sandpaper.
  5. Mark the position of the hinges on the frame. For the correct position, you can follow this guideline: the top hinge 12 cm from the top of the frame, the bottom hinge 30 cm from the bottom and the middle hinge in between. The hinges must sink into the frame, the hinge edge protruding 2 mm.
  6. Chisel the recesses for the hinges in the frame with a sharp chisel. If there are already existing recesses, it may be necessary to update them to size.
  7. Now place the door in the frame. Use a wedge or piece of cardboard to keep it clear of the sill. Mark the height of the hinges on the door, and bear in mind that the hinge heads protrude 1 mm. We already said it, hanging a door is a precise job …
  8. Chisel out the hinge recesses in the door.
  9. Pull the hinge pin out of the hinges to separate the hinge halves and screw the halves with the two knots onto the door.
  10. Now screw the other hinge halves into the frame. Wait a little longer with the middle hinge, which makes hanging out easier. Hang the door in place and connect the hinge halves with the pins. Check that the door opens and closes without wringing and finally screw the middle hinge into place.
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