HKC 55 or TSC 55?: Comparing 2 Festool circular saws

“The best plunge-cut saw we’ve ever made,” is how Festool describes the TSC 55. And as connoisseurs of the Festool range, we can agree with the manufacturer. Does this make the HKC 55 a second-rate choice? Definitely not. Which saw you will be content with depends entirely on what you want to use it for and what requirements you have.

Comparing 2 Festool circular saws

HKC 55 for mobility and versatility in construction

The Festool HKC 55 is equipped with an 18 V Li-ion AIRSTREAM battery pack. In combination with the brushless EC-TEC motor with integrated motor management, this provides very high power.

Features such as the cutting depth setting with plunge function, the pendulum with remote control, the riving knife, and the angle setting from 0 – 50 ° make this handheld circular saw an all-rounder that offers a high level of mobility and safety in all circumstances. Watch the Festool HKC 55 video.

TSC 55 for the highest precision

alt = man works with Festool TSC 55 circular saw

The exceptional product specifications of the TSC 55 can be found here. Innovations such as 5,200 revolutions per minute, a 2.2 mm standard saw blade for absolutely smooth running, the variable speed control, and angle adjustment enable notably high precision. The guide jaws are adjustable on the guide rail FS without tools. And, the rubber edge at the marking line also prevents the edges from splintering with angle cuts. Festool also devoted a video to the TSC 55.

Our conclusion

Both circular saws belong in the professional, top segment. For crafts-men who often work on-site, the HKC 55 is an excellent choice for its strength, versatility and safety. The TSC 55 is available in the Klium range and the ultimate plunge-cut saw for perfectionists and for work that must be precise to the millimetre.

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