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Hand tools: top brands and their specialities

Bahco, the inventor

bahco tang

In 1888, the Swede Johan Petter Johansson invented an adjustable pipe wrench, later called Swedish tongs. That was the forerunner for the water pump pliers. Four years later, the same Johan Petter Johansson invented a wrench whose jaw was adjustable by turning. This universal tool has since been known as Bahco. Innovative product development has always been the strength of the brand. Bahco products such as pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers and handsaws are characterized by user-friendliness and high efficiency. That’s why many professionals blindly choose tools with the ‘fish and hook’ logo.

Facom, the multi-specialist

Facom hammer

Facom is the largest brand of hand tools in Europe and are made to perform specific tasks. Every industry has its own requirements for tools and safety standards. Facom makes custom tools for all these industries: mechanics, aviation, electricity, electronics, public works, construction and automotive.

Gedore, the versatile one

Gedore tool trolley

The German manufacturer Gedore has a delivery program of about 18,000 products. Therefore, Gedore tools are used for the most diverse activities in all possible sectors. Our tip: choose Gedore for tool trolleys and tool cases; they are practically unrivalled in this regard.

Knipex, true to his pliers

Knipex pliers

Knipex has always concentrated on one product group: pliers. They are known for their quality and efficiency. Today, this German brand offers more than 100 types of pliers available in more than 900 different sizes and lengths. And this range is continuously being expanded and perfected.

DeWalt, hammers and chisels

DeWalt sledgehammer

The name DeWalt mainly evokes associations with power tools, but this American manufacturer also makes rock-solid hand tools. DeWalt’s hammers and chisels, in particular, are highly valued by construction professionals.

Wera, when it comes to screws

Wera Phillips screwdriver

Wera focuses on screwdriver tools and associated accessories for professional use and are characterized by their beautiful design and their superior ergonomics. No other brand in the world has such a reputation in screwdrivers and bits.

Stanley, measure, cut and much more

tanley knife titan

Like Bahco, Stanley has given its name to an indispensable tool: the Stanley knife. But did you know that Stanley is also the inventor of the tape measure? Today, the American manufacturer makes a huge number of tools for professionals and do-it-yourselfers. At Klium, we have about 1,600 of these in our range.

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