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Give your living space a Mediterranean vibe

A rich colour palette, natural materials, cheerful designs, and an abundance of living green…The Mediterranean style is a warm, somewhat exuberant style. Let yourself be inspired by the colours and decorative elements of the Mediterranean area.

Colours in a Mediterranean interior

You can choose from a range of colours for a Mediterranean living atmosphere, from the warm earth tones typical for Tuscan interiors – red, brown, old pink, and ochre yellow – to fresh white and blue interiors of Spanish homes. A light colour palette with shades like white, grey, and olive green creates a relaxed atmosphere, and adding a few strong accent colours in the living accessories makes your home sunny and lively.

Materials in a Mediterranean interior

Mediterranean style kitchen

Just like the colours, the materials in a Mediterranean home are a combination of warm and earthy and light and cheerful. Wood, bamboo, rattan, and terracotta form a soothing base. Opt for a light wooden floor and rattan chairs, for instance. Rough plastered walls enhance the rural atmosphere. You can create beautiful and lively contrasts by going for hand-baked tiles with colourful designs, commonly seen in Spanish and Portuguese interiors. If tiling walls is a step too far, you can also choose accents of exuberantly patterned home textiles. Another Mediterranean aspect is the display of beautiful accessories, such as a beautiful set of dishes, copper pans, or decorated pots and vases.

A Mediterranean atmosphere on the patio or balcony

set table on the terrace

Lunching and dining ‘al fresco,’ at a beautifully set table outdoors with delicious dishes and a good glass of wine — always one of our fondest holiday memories. Unfortunately, we have to make do with shorter summers at home. However, with patio heaters, you can turn your balcony or patio into a garden room to enjoy the outdoors even out of season. For the Mediterranean vibe, opt for plants such as oleander, olive, bay, lemon tree, or fig in terracotta pots. And pots with herbs like lavender, thyme, rosemary, and sage not only enhance the atmosphere but add Mediterranean aroma and flavour to the meal.

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