Garden jobs in August

August is the month to enjoy your garden. Most of the work is done and the growth of the plants starts to slow down. The jobs are mainly limited to maintenance and preparations for the coming autumn.

The lawn

The grass grows less rapidly than in recent months and is more prone to dehydration and browning.

woman behind wheelbarrow in garden
  • Do not cut the grass too short in warm, dry weather. Adjust the blades of your lawnmower to about 4 cm.
  • You can start to sow bare and burned spots from mid-August.
  • Fertilize your lawn for the last time this month to make it more resistant to the winter cold.
  • Extensive advice on mowing, spraying and fertilizing can be found in Summer tips for the lawn.


man mows grass
  • Prune conifer hedges and make sure to narrow them upwards so that the entire hedge can catch the sunlight.
  • Prune berry and blackberry bushes after harvesting. Branches that have borne fruit may be pruned to the ground.
  • You can cut boxwood into shape one more time this month.
  • Trim spent roses and other flowers to prevent the plant’s energy from seeding instead of producing new flower buds.

Dividing and cutting

  • You can now take cuttings from geranium, fuchsia, lavender and boxwood. Let the cuttings root in specific cutting soil.
  • Perennials that have finished flowering can be rejuvenated by dividing the root ball and replanting the halves. Give plenty of water in the first few days.

Care and protect

woman ties up standard rose

alt = woman ties up standard rose

  • Give flowering plants in pots and containers a little liquid fertilizer every two weeks.
  • It is better not to fertilize tub plants since their dormancy period is approaching.
  • Tie on delicate plants. It would be a shame if one of those heavy thunderstorms that August usually brings makes them crack.

The pond

fish in a pond

In the August heat, pond water can quickly evaporate or become deoxygenated.

  • Top up the water regularly, but gradually. Too much cold water at once can disrupt the balance.
  • You can counteract evaporation somewhat by purchasing some tall aquatic plants, which give the pond more shade.
  • Protect your pond fish from herons with a net or heron repellents, which you will find in the garden center. It is especially crucial in August because the young herons have now fledged.
  • Turbid water may indicate an oxygen deficiency. You can solve this problem with particular oxygen plants or water fleas.

Prepare for fall and the next garden season.

  • Order spring bulbs; the first can already go into the ground in September.
  • Collect seeds to sow next spring.
  • Plant strawberries for an early harvest next spring.
  • Now that the days are getting shorter and the evenings are getting cooler, it is the time to install garden lighting or patio heating.
  • Look out for offers in lawnmowers, garden furniture and other garden items. When the season is drawing to a close, there are tempting sale offers everywhere.

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