The most popular DIY-jobs in the time of corona

Home and garden jobs have never been more popular than during the lockdown, and hardware stores posted top sales. With new social restrictions in place to cope with the second wave of the coronavirus, people will start looking for things to do again. Decorating their own home is at the top of the list for many.

Which projects were most frequently undertaken during the lockdown months earlier this year? The statistics show that garden jobs, in particular, stand out. A conclusion from a study by the DIY-platform Werkspot: “Before the corona crisis, 75 percent of all activities related to indoor affairs. We currently see that 40 percent of the jobs placed take place outdoors or in the garden. “

Gardening was also the most popular DIY activity among Britons: three in five (57%) adhered to it during the lockdown, followed by spring cleaning (47%) and painting or wallpapering (34%). And 23% of the respondents combined these activities and painted or stained the garden fence.

This is, of course, mainly due to the season. In this new period of social measures, the balance will undoubtedly be different.

Fewer large, expensive projects

Another conclusion is that comparatively fewer large renovation projects were carried out, which can easily be explained by the uncertainty about the financial future. Many jobs involved repairs or embellishments to the interior. And, this makes it all the more understandable: if you are required to stay indoors, you will start to notice defects that you never paid attention to before.

DIY for a good feeling

happy woman in freshly painted room

A survey of 2,000 Britons by paint manufacturer Ronseal underlines the positive effects of DIY on mental health. Two-thirds of those surveyed said it helped relieve boredom, and one-third said they were proud of the result. Two in five felt satisfied as a result of doing odd jobs and, nearly one fifth felt relaxed. The experiences gained also appear to be an incentive to tackle new projects. On average, the participants have completed four jobs and have four new tasks on the agenda.

But, there is also a downside.

Since the corona outbreak, there has been a sharp increase in the number of DIYers who come to the hospital emergency room with serious injuries.

Johan Vehof, a plastic surgeon at the Arnhem Rijnstate Hospital: “Every year we see peaks around Easter, Ascension and Whitsun. We conducted a survey in 2016 and counted 41 patients with serious injuries during this period. Now there were 152, so almost four times as many. ” According to Vehof, things often go wrong due to inexperience, sloppy preparation and haste.

We have previously dedicated an article to this in our blog, with tips for working safely: Avoid risks, especially in this time of crisis.

To conclude, DIY was “the rescue” for many people during the lockdown. And with the new corona restrictions in effect, we will again be looking en masse for new projects. Do you need some inspiration? In our blog, you will find professional tips and handy step-by-step plans for all possible jobs in the house and garden.

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