Dewalt XR Flexvolt: the strongest cordless garden tools in the world

For garden owners, the choice between cordless tools and mains powered machines was always one between more freedom and more power. You no longer have to make that choice. The new XR Flexvolt garden machines from Dewalt combine the freedom of cordless with the power of mains.

What is XR Flexvolt?

XR Flexvolt stands for a revolutionary battery pack system developed by Dewalt to help make cables and generators redundant in construction. With such a super battery, professionals have the power of 54V for the complete XR FLEXVOLT range. Dewalt has now added three super-powerful garden machines to this range.

XR Flexvolt chainsaw

XR Flexvolt chainsaw with battery

With its 54-volt battery and brushless motor, the XR Flexvolt DCM575 chainsaw delivers power that is unparalleled for a battery chain saw. Thick trees and heavy beams are no problem for this machine. In addition to being very powerful, this saw has thoughtful details that make work more convenient, such as a key-free chain tensioner and automatic oil lubrication.

XR Flexvolt grass trimmer / brush cutter

XR Flexvolt grass trimmer with battery

The DCM571 Grass Trimmer / Brushcutter delivers the same power as a gasoline machine, without the bother of a gasoline engine. It is equipped with a wire for a cutting width of 38 cm and a brush cutter kit with a blade.

XR Flexvolt brushless blazer

XR Flexvolt blower with battery

The DCM572 blower delivers an air displacement of 680 m3 / h and a blowing speed of more than 193 km / h. And, that is exceptional for a cordless machine. Moreover, it is pleasant to work with since it has a low noise level, works without petrol fumes, and comes with smart details such as a variable pull switch that allows you to set any desired speed without having to keep the trigger pressed.

What do we find at Klium?

With these garden machines, Dewalt undoubtedly contributes to the popularity of the XR Flexvolt range. An important recommendation is that with a single XR Flexvolt battery pack, you have a superior power source for more than 100 Dewalt machines.

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