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DEWALT Perform & Protect: a breakthrough in construction safety and productivity

How do you make construction work safer, healthier and more productive at the same time? That was the question that formed the basis of Perform & Protect. After twelve years of testing under the most extreme conditions, DEWALT Perform & Protect offers a complete range of power tools that exceed the highest safety standards without compromising productivity.

Less absenteeism, more jobs

Not only does the Perform & Protect quality mark offer the best protection for construction professionals, but it also guarantees that you comply with all safety regulations. The Perform & Protect certificate lets your team know that your machines meet the highest safety standards and informs construction sites that you are fully compliant with regulations. That further allows contractors to take on more assignments, such as jobs on large construction sites with more strictly enforced regulations.

More than 200 solutions

The extensive Perform & Protect range includes all power tools used in construction. And all these machines combine the highest performance with the best personal protection. In particular, Perform & Protect tools and accessories protect against three risks that construction professionals face every day: dust, vibrations and machine seizing.

Dust protection

Man wakes up with Dewalt circular saw with dust extraction

The Perform & Protect quality mark guarantees the highest level of dust management, including HEPA certified M class filters with automatic filter cleaning, hollow drills and universal vacuum cleaners compatible with all tool brands. This helps prevent 99.9% of all dust particles from returning to the ambient air and practically eliminates the risk of dust inhalation.

Vibration protection

DEWALT Perform & Protect sharpener

Long-term exposure to vibrations leads to common diseases and absenteeism in construction. Perform & Protect tools’ Active Vibration Control features include counterbalance systems, floating handles and more built-in guards to significantly reduce triaxial vibration. That results in up to 50% lower vibrations compared to standard power tools. The prominent advantage is that professionals can work longer without reaching the limited value. Especially for tough jobs, this means notable gains in productivity. In addition, a lower vibration level increases the reliability and service life of the machines.

Control under all circumstances

man works with DEWALT grinder

Powerful tools can jam during work which damages it and also causes injury to the operator. Perform & Protect’s integrated torque control technology helps prevent this risk. This advanced technology includes anti-rotation E-clutch systems, electronic kickback brakes that automatically shut off power in the event of seizing or spinning, overload sensors and LED indicators. In addition to increased user comfort and safety, this also ensures better performance and longer service life for the machines.