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DEWALT Green Beam Lasers: Breakthrough in Precision

DEWALT’s new Green Beam Laser range combines unprecedented precision with ease of use and functionality. Compatible with both 18V and 12V XR Li-ion batteries, these lasers offer professionals the opportunity to use existing batteries without investing in a new system and last longer on a battery charge. DEWALT’s Green Beam Laser range meets the most demanding construction applications.

Industry-leading DEWALT Green Beam technology—up to four times brighter than Red Beam lasers—grants excellent visibility, even in bright conditions and over great distances.

With their wide working range and an accuracy of +/- 3 mm at 10 m, these lasers offer professionals a real breakthrough in precision and functionality. Efficiency and productivity are enhanced by a unique fine-tuning knob, allowing users to manually adjust and position the beam over distance quickly and accurately.

Compatible with 18V and 12V batteries

With their smart functions and innovative dual battery platform, DEWALT’s Green Beam lasers are a new laser category which was not available until now. Compatibility with both 18V XR batteries and 12V batteries allows construction professionals to save time and money. Use with the DEWALT 18V XR platform provides an unmatched run time of up to 24 hours on a single charge.

Three versions

DEWALT green beam laser

The DEWALT Green Beam Laser range includes three lasers, and each excels in specific applications. Each laser is manufactured from premium materials and reinforced with a rubber molded housing. The lasers have an IP54 rating for protection against the ingress of dust and moisture.

An all-rounder for a variety of jobs:

– levelling floors

– aligning cable trays

– anchors and fixtures

– and perpendicular layout of stile walls.

This cross-line laser has a significant working range of 30 m (50 m with detector) and is ideal for aligning stile walls, levelling switches and sockets, suspended ceiling rails and tile layout.

This laser has cross-line functionality with perpendicular and up and down. There are three additional spots in the front for applications where a 90-degree angle is required, such as the construction of partition walls. Other applications include setting reference points on floors and ceilings and horizontal and vertical levelling.

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