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De Warmtewinkel delivers solar energy to your home

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With many countries planning to get off gas within a few years, alternative heat sources are on the rise. De Warmtewinkel offers solutions that do not require any fuel.

Their vision statement: “Our vision is that every home can be comfortably heated without gas,” can be read on the De Warmtewinkel website.

In the small village of Harfsen, in the Dutch province of Gelderland, De Warmtewinkel is modestly building its way. The young company – which started in 2018 – supplies and installs heat pumps and hot water systems that work on solar energy. De Warmtewinkel focuses mainly on the region.

Owner Martin Rittinghaus: ‘The advice process is very important in our work, but the implementation must match it. In today’s market, with a growing interest in alternative heat sources, it is becoming difficult to serve customers quickly. In order to be able to deliver good and fast work, we mainly focus on customers who live a maximum of 30 minutes from one of our technicians.’

Attracting enough skilled professionals is a challenge in this new technology. De Warmtewinkel invests a lot in training staff. In collaboration with the municipality of Lochem, the company offers people with a migration background and lateral entrants the opportunity to become heat pump technicians or air conditioning technicians.

Martin Rittinghaus has to think about the question of a project that De Warmtewinkel is proud of.

‘We are proud that we can offer a gasless solution for every home, but if you ask for something special… our most ambitious project to date was the gasless heating of a houseboat in Nigtevecht, using a heat exchanger in the river Vecht that feeds a NIBE heat pump.’

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The last question: ‘Do you have any tips for other small installation companies from your daily work experience?’

Martin Rittinghaus: ‘Keep your service in order.’

This is a piece of advice that the Klium team fully agrees with.

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