Partition walls: which one do you choose?

With a partition wall you create extra space. For an office, for example, or a children’s room. But partition walls have more functions. A low partition can be purely decorative. A glass partition can serve as a shower wall. With insulating material between the drywall, a partition wall is sound-proofing.

A partition wall of drywall

Drywall or Gyproc is the most commonly used material for partitions. Such a wall is particularly lightweight, so you can place it on any surface without a problem. The construction is simple. The drywall is screwed on two sides on a frame of wooden or metal slats. Between the plasterboards you can apply insulation material . After you have sealed the joints with a filler, you can finish the wall as desired with tiles, plaster or wallpaper.

Special wet-resistant drywall is available for wet areas.

Wood instead of drywall

Proceeding in the same way, you can also use plywood, chipboard or MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) instead of plasterboard.

A partition wall of aerated concrete blocks

Aerated concrete blocks are large, lightweight building blocks with which you can quickly build a partition wall. They are available in different sizes, with a thickness of 5 to 10 cm, a width of 60 cm and a height of 20 or 40 cm. There are even quarter-round aerated concrete blocks for sale, with which you can make a round wall.

Aerated concrete blocks are glued together. Cutting to size is best done with a special aerated concrete blocks saw, which is equipped with extra hardened teeth.

A wall of aerated concrete blocks is moisture-resistant, heat-insulating and fire-resistant. Because you can tile it well, it is ideal for damp rooms in the house.

Tip: If you want to drill in aerated concrete, do not use a masonry drill or concrete drill, but an iron drill. And choose a drill that is 1 mm smaller than the size of the plug.

A partition wall of glass building blocks

A glass partition wall is decorative and ensures that no light is lost. Glass building blocks are available in various shades, and in both a matte and clear version. You need 25 bricks for a square meter.

You can construct such a decorative glass wall in two ways: bricklaying with special masonry mortar for glass building blocks, or with a so-called rapid building system, which consists of plastic profiles that you finish with silicone sealant.

More ideas for partitions

In addition to the three options that we have mentioned here, there are many more solutions for partitions. Because there are no heavy constructional requirements, you can let your imagination run free. Take a look at this Pinterest page for inspiration.

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