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C&C Parts: it’s all about brakes

Driven by his love for classic cars, Wiel Claessen started C&C Parts in 1984. In his workshop in Baarlo, the Netherlands, he specialized in repairing brakes for classic cars, trucks, agricultural and industrial vehicles. In the 1980s, a Belgian branch was added: Maison du Frein in Liège.

Always a solution

brake parts old and new

“If we don’t have it, we’ll make it.” Under this motto, the company’s two sites work daily for private customers and companies. With more than 300,000 parts in stock in the warehouses, many parts can be delivered immediately, both new and from the ‘new-old stock’.

If something is no longer available – a frequent occurrence with classic cars – the specialists at C&C Parts can overhaul almost all brake parts. After repair, the old parts are like new again, and the quality is often better than the original. For example, a common problem with master and wheel brake cylinders is that the bore corrodes. In the workshop of C&C Parts, these parts are fitted with a stainless sleeve, which prevents corrosion in the future.

brake parts old and new

Different specialities

C&C Parts logo

C&C Parts in Baarlo has a hydraulic workshop, where all common hydraulic brake parts can be repaired. Daily work includes overhauling wheel brake cylinders, master brake cylinders, brake boosters, brake callipers, drums and clutch cylinders.

Maison du Frein in Liège specializes in renewing friction material on all types of brake parts, including for industry and the agricultural sector.

For C&C Parts, personal contact with customers is just as important as the stock in the warehouses and the employees’ craftsmanship. As they put it themselves: ‘You can always contact us for advice and questions, by mail, WhatsApp or by telephone, but we would also like to see you in Baarlo.’

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