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man works with spade

Spades, hoes, rakes… a few things to keep in mind when buying garden tools with a handle:

  • The grip is crucial: the tool must be ‘good in the hand’. Both the shape and the material contribute to this. A D-shaped handle offers the best grip.
  • The material is also significant. Although a simple wooden handle will get the job done, there are better alternatives. A fibreglass handle, for example, is lighter and much stronger than a wooden handle. As for the blade of the spade or hoe: the harder the material, the easier the work. Hardened carbon steel is the best choice.
  • A smart and cost-saving option is a combination system: one high-quality handle on which you can mount different tools.


In A gasoline lawnmower, an electric mower with cord or a cordless lawn mower: which one to choose? you will find information and tips for buying a lawnmower. In addition to your personal preference, the choice will mainly depend on the size of the lawn. A ride-on mower is, of course, the best way to keep the turf in check, but if your lawn is so small that you can hardly turn it, such an investment makes little sense. From a high-efficiency point of view, the following lawnmowers are best suitable for various sized lawns.

  • Less than 50 m2: hand mower, electric mower, battery mower
  • 50 – 150 m2: electric mower, battery mower, robotic mower
  • 150 – 500 m2: battery mower, robotic mower, petrol mower
  • 500 – 1000 m2: robotic mower, petrol lawnmower, ride-on lawnmower
  • 1000 – 1500 m2: robotic mower, petrol mower, ride-on mower
  • More than 1500 m2: petrol mower, ride-on mower

Along with selecting your drive feature, you have to choose between a rotary mower or a reel mower. On a rotary mower, the blades rotate at high speed, tearing the grass and ejecting it to the side. A reel mower has a rotating reel with diagonal blades that cut the grass straight. With a reel mower, you get a neater and tighter lawn. On the other hand, a rotary mower is stronger and requires less maintenance.

Hedge trimmer

man works with hedge trimmer

In addition to hand hedge trimmers, many versions work on mains power, battery or petrol. In addition to the drive, the cutting length is a particular criterion for purchase. The longer the blade, the more hedge you can trim in one go. But a larger cutting range also means a heavier machine, which will tire you faster. A long blade is recommended when you can only reach hedges from one side. For most garden owners, a medium length hedge trimmer is the best choice. And for pruning in high, hard-to-reach places, a pole hedge trimmer is a godsend.

man works with pole hedge trimmer

Hedge trimmers have two types of blades. With singularly opposed blades, one blade moves and the other doesn’t. With double-sided opposing blades, both blades move, which results in a better pruning result.


girl sprays lawn

If we get another hot, dry summer that we have patented in recent years, watering will be one of the more time-consuming garden jobs. There are clever ways to save your work. For example, with a hose reel, so you don’t have to pull a garden hose full of kinks behind you. Read more about labour-saving watering systems in Watering the garden.

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