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Bosch FlexiClick: The Most Versatile Drill Driver

Carry less yet be equipped for every task. The FlexiClick System for Bosch GSR drill drivers offers you even more versatility with its easily interchangeable attachments.

More Precise Work

man working with FlexiClick attachment

Thanks to the offset attachment, FlexiClick allows you to drill holes and drive screws accurately in the tightest corners, even without looking directly at the hole. Mount the right-angle attachment, and you have a right-angle drill. You can lock the attachments in 16 different positions at a 360° angle.

Drilling in Concrete

With the unique rotary hammer attachment, you’re able to convert the FlexiClick drill driver into an SDS Plus rotary hammer for drilling in concrete with a maximum diameter of 10 mm.

Compact Power

The GSR 18V-90 FC Professional is part of the Bosch Professional FlexiClick System. With a head length of just 136 mm and a maximum hard torque of 64 Nm, you have an extremely compact and powerful machine.

FlexiClick Attachments

FlexiClick attachments

The Bosch Professional FlexiClick System is available for FlexiClick drill drivers of 12V and 18V. Choose from the available attachments per voltage class; you only need one compact machine for the most varied tasks on the construction site.

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