Black Friday 2019: mega discounts on top professional brands!

The Black Friday discount party has become a tradition at Klium. This year, it is going to be very big. For a full week, from November 25th to December 1st, hundreds of products from well-known professional tool brands are sold with discounts of up to 42%!

About Black Friday

Black Friday originates in the US. The Friday after Thanksgiving Day is a sort of national discount day, in which all stores participate. On that day, there are many discounts and special offers, and people often stand in line for hours before the stores open.

The name was born in Philadelphia in the mid-60s of the last century, where the bustle on Friday after Thanksgiving was so popular that the city was black with exhaust fumes. This year Black Friday falls on November 29.

In time for the holidays

The timing could not have been better for Santa Claus. Order an amazing low-cost tool gift during the Klium Black Friday week and it will arrive in time for the holidays.

While supplies last

All Klium Black Friday offers are valid while supplies last. On the Black Friday pages of the different brands we show a counter, which indicates how much of each item we still have in our warehouse. For the best bargains, of course, the counter runs the fastest, so be sure to be in time!

View all Klium Black Friday offers

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