ABC Reklame: everywhere in the picture

car lettering and facade advertising

ABC Reklame started in 1996 as a new activity of an existing printing company. Armand Rademaker: ‘Many of our existing customers asked us whether we could also advertise through lettering, billboards, commercial vehicle advertising and facade advertising. We have responded to that request.”

Today ABC Reklame makes everything that companies need to be visible on the street. The delivery program includes lettering, billboards, commercial vehicle advertising, facade advertising, advertising columns, flagpoles, indoor and outdoor signage and more.

Attention value

neon sign

In an industry with fierce competition, ABC Reklame distinguishes itself through the quality of the materials and the creative interpretation. Armand Rademaker: ‘Almost anyone can make a sign with a text and a logo on it. What matters is that it has great attention value and that the message gets across. We have a suitable board for every location, and we provide a high-profile design. All our signs are custom made, and only quality materials are used.’

The same attention to quality applies to all of the company’s other products and the tools used. At Klium, ABC Reklame is a loyal customer of professional tools from top brands such as Festool, Bosch, Fein, Facom, Gedore and others.

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