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Blaklader work clothes at Klium

Klium is a proud distributor of Blaklader. We can offer you a wide range of indoor and outdoor workwear of this exceptional brand. Blaklader clothing is not to be worn as leisurewear or clothes to hang out at a local bar. Thoughtfully designed and developed to cater to work-related needs specifically, Blaklader clothing offers efficiency, safety, comfort and durability. In our online stock, you can find everything ranging from trousers to caps. Klium offers Blaklader working gear for cold days (body warmers, hoodies, vests, caps), rainy days (coats) and hot days (shirts and shorts) along with various types of accessories such as knee pads and belts.

About Blaklader

Blaklader is a Swedish family-run business with many years of experience in the textile industry. They aim to spread functional workwear all over the world. To accomplish that, they maintain absolute control over their factories and keep full insight into the complete production process. Their goal is to manufacture products that make working more comfortable, convenient and safer. This is why they produce clothing that can take a beating. Their work clothes are fully designed with the functionality, durability and the safe of the worker in mind.