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ANSELL Healthcare

Ansell Healthcare is one of the largest producers and distributors of protective gloves in the world. The products of this brand are used for industrial applications, for medical and personal protection.

Diversity in the offer

The product range for the industrial sector includes coated and knitted gloves that are mainly used in the automotive, metal, electronic, pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries as well as in the agricultural sector. The gloves protect the workers from injuries, chemicals, extreme temperatures and other occupational hazards. In the food industry, they also protect the products themselves, and in applications in the pharmaceutical industry they provide smudeless working conditions. Ansell Healthcare is the market leader in the sector of surgical and laboratory gloves thanks to its outstanding quality and continuous innovation. The company continually supplies innovative surgical gloves of the highest quality as befits a world player. The Ansell Healthcare brand also plays an important role in personal protection. It manufactures and sells a wide range of innovative latex condoms, whether or not spermicidal, in various forms, flavors and colors. The brand also supports government initiatives in which condoms are delivered in the third world through medical and social programs and foundations.

Quality & innovation

In every market segment, Ansell Healthcare wants to offer the best quality and innovative solutions to better protect the user and the material. Ansell Healthcare wants to excel by satisfying customers, employees and partners. That is why with its materials and services it wants to assist the customer in the choice of the correct gloves and thus help reduce the number of work accidents and the resulting expenses.

Valuable products with sublime properties through intensive research

The success and outstanding qualities of Ansell Healthcare's product range are recognized worldwide. The most successful Ansell Healthcare products are HyFlex, Vantage, Sol-Vex and Neo-Touch. The extra high protection factor of gloves from the Hyflex range is based on the 3DAKL technique developed by Ansell Healthcare. The Intercept Technology used in the manufacture of innovative gloves from the Vantage series was developed together with DuPont. These have a high notch resistance with finger feel and ergonomic ease. The successful HyFlex gloves are renowned for their excellent finger feel, are very resistant and have a solid suit because of the protective layer of nitrile foam. The Sol-Vex nitrile glove is used successfully in chemical applications because it combines chemical resistance with mechanical resistance. And NeoTouch is the first disposable glove on the basis of neoprene.

Market leader

Ansell Healthcare is an Australian company with a European headquarters in Brussels. The company employs thousands of employees in subsidiaries in the US, Canada, South America, Europe and Asia. It occupies a leading position in the sales area of ​​condoms and gloves in natural rubber and artificial polymers. Ansell Healthcare can rely on excellent service by prompt processing of orders and correct response to complaints. This makes a satisfied customer a loyal customer.