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AIRPRESS compressors and pneumatic tools

AIRPRESS is the trade name of CRB Friesland, a company that specializes in compressors, air spray guns, pneumatic tools, pneumatic systems, air dryers, filters and micro filters. The forty-year-old company came into Polish hands in 2015. The new owner has set the goal of making AIRPRESS the largest compressor brand in the Benelux.

Pneumatic solutions for every sector

With an offer of more than 300 different compressors, AIRPRESS offers every application the most suitable solution, from competitively priced air compressors for hobbyists to compressors for intensive industrial use. Because of the excellent price / quality ratio and the versatile product range, AIRPRESS compressors are among the most used in sectors such as agriculture, automotive and industry. AIRPRESS piston and screw compressors are available from 0.75 KW to 165 KW. In addition, AIRPRESS offers complete compressed air systems, consisting of compressor, air duct systems and compressed air conditioning.


Klium supplies a large number of AIRPRESS products from stock. AIRPRESS is a recent addition to our range and fits our philosophy to have the largest selection of quality brands in house for professionals and demanding do-it-yourselfers.