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3M: Variation and wide range of safety products

3M always offers new and creative products and solutions and continues to vary. It offers a range of products and services in safety, security and protection.

Unpretentious but efficient

Many 3M products are characterized by their simplicity and efficiency. Unpretentious but inventive answers to common problems encourage the customer to find new inspiration with sometimes surprising results.

Top quality, innovative technology and solid manufacture

3M wants to appeal to the consumer with the help of groundbreaking techniques, excellent quality and excellent service. The leading 3M research lab in Zwijndrecht is conducting research into special materials and the technological support for the clientele. From the start up, innovation is the most important factor in the expansion policy and the most determining factor in the growth strategy. The technologies and the research and development capabilities of 3M are undoubtedly exceptional and unique to one of the best companies in the world.