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3M - Abrasives, Adhesives and Tapes

In 1902 five business men from Two Harbors, Minnesota (USA) set up the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, or 3M. The company first makes abrasives and later also adhesive tape and cellophane foil. 3M stands for innovation from its inception and a century later the extensive range of 3M products is no longer to be forgotten from our daily lives. We all use Post-its at the office and Scotch adhesive tape for DIY jobs. When we watch TV, call a cell phone, print out information, brush our house or even go to the dentist, we do not realize that 3M products make our lives easier. 3M continues to diversify and today delivers products and services in the following sectors: Signalisation, graphic and optical communication; electronics, electricity and telecommunications; healthcare; safety, security and protection; transport industry; production and industry; office; home and leisure. 3M Belgium produces the most diverse products for the European market in Zwijndrecht and the 3M sales office is located in Diegem.